How to Replace Damaged Roof Shingles in Arizona

If you are a homeowner in Arizona and are looking for ways how to replace damaged roof shingles, then this blog is for you. Damaged shingles can cause a variety of other roof problems, including leakage and extensive water damage.

Before it comes to that, here’s a guide on how you can replace them to prevent further damage to the roof and the property in general. Make sure to read to the end as we will also give you some important tips or points.

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How to replace damaged roof shingles

  • Assess the extent of the damage. The first step is always to assess the damage on the shingles for you to determine whether it is repairable or not. If the damage is too extreme or severe, perhaps what you may need is a full roof replacement already.

  • Prepare the necessary tools and equipment. Prepare and set up the tools and equipment you will need such as a ladder, bucket, rope, hammer, pry bar, crowbar, roofing nails, caulking gun, roof tar tube, and shingles.

  • Break the adhesives. Break the adhesives of the damaged shingles and those overlying them so you can easily lift them and expose the nails beneath. You can use a pry bar, crowbar, or hammer claw to do this.

  • Remove the nails. Slide the pry bar up to each nail spot and pry upwards, lifting the nail out of the deck. Remove all the nails but make sure to pry slowly but firmly so as not to shatter or break them.

  • Remove the damaged shingles. Now that all the adhesives have been broken and all the nails have been removed, the target shingle should be loose already and can be easily removed. Pull them free and discard them.

  • Nail down the new shingles and seal the area around them. Replace the shingle that was removed with a new shingle and then nail them down. Follow the instructions provided on the shingles you bought, or use the other shingles on the roof as a guide.

    For the overlying shingles, if they are still in good condition, you can just reattach them instead of replacing them so you can save time and money.

  • Reseal the shingles. Once the shingles are in and all nailed down, glue them or apply adhesives so they will not be blown off by the wind. This will also seal the gaps so water wouldn’t be able to penetrate inside and beneath the shingles.

Important tips or points to remember

  • Safety first. This should always be the number one priority. Wear protective glasses, heavy-duty gloves, and gripping boots for walking on the roof. You should also add roof jacks so you have somewhere to stand on and harnesses to keep yourself safe.

    Lastly, always keep in mind to never work on the roof by yourself. Ask someone to assist you while working on the roof.

  • Check the weather in advance. Always perform all roof repairs in warm, dry weather. This makes the shingles more pliable and less likely to crack. It will also help the adhesives to fully stick.

    In addition, remember to never climb onto a roof that is wet, frosty, or covered with morning dew as this can be dangerous. They are slippery so they are riskier and more prone to accidents.

  • Hire a professional. Replacing damaged shingles requires specific knowledge and skills to properly do the job. It is not as easy as it sounds. No matter how many tutorials you’ll read, just one mistake can lead to serious damage to the property.

    It is highly recommended to let professionals do the job. They are highly trained and skilled in how to replace damaged roof shingles. Plus you can also take advantage of the warranties they provide in case something goes wrong later on.

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