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Centrik Roofing roof inspection

Know the Condition of Your Roof. Address Problems Proactively!

One of the most important investments you can make for your home is getting a professional inspection. Centrik Roofing is here to give your roof a clean bill of health or else identify critical needs for repairs or replacements before problems become worse. 

What We Inspect…

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Why Get a Professional Roof Inspection

Roofs are a crucial component of any building and regular inspections are essential to ensure their longevity and effectiveness.. 

So don’t wait for a roof problem to arise. Contact Centrik Roofing today to schedule an inspection. Our team of experts is always ready to provide comprehensive inspection services for both residential and commercial properties. 

When Exactly Should You Get Your Roof Inspected…

So, when exactly should you get your roof professionally inspected? You know it’s necessary, but how often? Here’s when…


The rule of thumb is to have your roof professionally checked at least once a year to ensure it’s always in good condition. This will allow you to understand the condition of your roof, better prepare for the future, and respond more quickly to damage if there is any. 

Centrik Roofing offers comprehensive, reliable inspection services. We can help you determine any issues with your roof. We know exactly where to look, and what to look for to ensure we’ll not miss out on anything.

When you’re buying or selling a home

Before buying a home, have your roof inspected. Your home can be one of your biggest investments so protect it and yourself. You don’t want to end up buying a home with a roof that’s in worse condition than you are initially made to believe. 

The same goes when you’re selling a home. You don’t want to worry about receiving complaints later on about possible issues. Have peace of mind with the inspection services carried out by Centrik Roofing

After a storm or extreme weather conditions

If your area has experienced extreme winds or storm, your roof likely needs an inspection. This can cause loose or missing shingles, holes, wind uplifts, cracks, standing water, or even blistering. If these are left ignored for too long, they can lead to bigger issues.

Your homeowner’s insurance may help cover these damages, which is why you need to have your roof checked as soon as possible. You can also use this for your insurance claim later on. Centrik Roofing can guide you on this.

When You Notice Damage

Don’t wait for problems to arise. If you notice roof damage, may it be due to bad weather or normal wear or tear, it’s time to call in the professionals right away. Your roof may need urgent attention and if left untreated, it can pose a threat to your and your family’s safety. 

Centrik Roofing will handle the problem efficiently. We’ve got the expertise and experience to handle any roof issues, no matter how big or small. We’ve got you covered.

Residential roofing

Why CHOOSE Centrik Roofing

Centrik Roofing will give every property the utmost care and attention to detail. Our team is committed to providing quality and reliable services to keep your roof in top condition. Protect your investment and ensure the safety of your property with a professional roofing inspection. 

Here’s what we can offer:


The Centrik Roofing “Process”

Our goal in Centrik Roofing is to provide a thorough and reliable roof inspection to ensure the safety and longevity of your roof. Here’s how our process works…

Step 1: Initial Consultation – Our inspectors will speak with you to understand your concerns and specific needs for the inspection. This is so we can set our expectations and deliverables, and ensure we are on the same page.

Step 2: Visual Inspection – Our inspectors will visually examine the roof’s structure, composition, and any visible damage or wear. They will also inspect flashings and seals, gutters and downspouts, ventilation, and insulation.

Step 3: Detailed Assessment – Our inspectors will take photos and note any issues they encounter during the inspection. They will also check the roof structure and assess the condition of the shingles, tiles, or other roofing materials.

Step 4: Report Generation – Our inspectors will provide you with a detailed report of the roof’s condition, including recommendations for any necessary repairs or upgrades. The report will also include photos of any identified issues.

Step 5: Follow-Up – Our inspectors are available for any questions or concerns you may have about the inspection report. If repairs or upgrades are necessary, we can provide additional services to address those needs.

Contact us today to schedule your inspection and protect your investment.

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roof inspection
roof inspection


Insurance Claims Assistance

Centrik Roofing has years of experience helping Arizona property owners recover the most from their roof damage insurance claims. When a covered event damages or destroys your roof, we’ll be there for you and ensure everything goes smoothly with the insurance adjuster. 

Centrik Roofing’s goal is that you achieve a fully-restored roof while minimizing your out-of-pocket costs. Our expert services for homeowners’ insurance claims include a careful inspection, meeting with adjusters, and getting your roof system repaired or installed following code requirements and manufacturer’s specifications.

Centrik Roofing Summary

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