Tile Roof Leak Repair in Arizona

In Arizona, tile roofs are one of the most common types of roof installed for properties across the state. This is mainly because it is aesthetically pleasing and is also one of the most durable as it can even last for up to 100 years. So if you are from the state and you have a property with tile roofs installed, you need to be familiar with tile roof leak repair.

Leaks are one of the most common problems for all types of roofs. However, repairing them may not be the same for all. Tile roofs may need extra or specific care to be able to effectively address the leakage problem.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how you can repair the leak on your tile roof. This way, you can address the leakage problems before they cause more damage to your property leading to more expensive repairs, or worse, total roof replacement.

tile roof leak repair

Find the source of the leak

Before you can perform any repairs on your leaking tile roof, you should first determine why it is leaking. Trace the source of the leak as there can be many reasons why your roof is leaking. It can either be because of poor roof installation, broken or cracked tiles, debris piling up on your roof’s valley or worn-out or defective roof membrane.

By locating and identifying the source of the leak, you will be able to determine the proper course of action to repair your leaking tile roof. In addition, doing this will also help you decide whether you can do the repairs on your own or if you need the help of a professional.

Fix the membrane

Most of the time, leaks are caused by the damaged roof membrane. If this is the case, you need to remove the tiles first before replacing the membrane and then re-tile them again. It is better to hire an expert in tile roof leak repair as they are more knowledgeable and trained in removing and re-tiling roofs.

Remove any debris

Debris can pile up on your roof, especially on the roof valleys. This is what can cause the leaks. To fix this, you need to remove the debris first in order to stop the leak. You can do this by removing the tile and cleaning out the area underneath before re-installing the tiles back. You may also want to consider installing covers on your roof’s valley to prevent the debris from piling up there.

Seal the crack

If you notice cracks on your tile roofs, you need to seal them right away to prevent further damage to your property. You can use cement to do this. Apply it on the cracked tiles and let it try. However, make sure to pay extra attention in doing this as other cracks may not be visible to the naked eye right away.

Replace the damaged tiles

Most leaks on tile roofs are caused by damaged tiles. If this is the case, the damage may already be too overwhelming for just simple sealants. What your roof may need already is tile replacement to stop the leakage. So locate the damaged tiles and replace them to provide a permanent fix on your leaking tile roof.

Centrik Roofing is an expert in tile roof leak repair!

Centrik Roofing is one of Arizona’s top experts on tile roof leak repair. We know how leaks can be damaging to properties which is why we are 100% committed to providing long-lasting solutions to all your roof leak problems. We will perform roof inspections beforehand to ensure we get to the bottom of the problem before starting any repair work. So for any of your tile roof leaks problem, contact us today and we’ll give you a free onsite estimate!

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