The 4 Best Types of Roofs in Arizona

In Arizona, climate temperatures can range from warm to extremely hot throughout the year. This is why if you are a property owner in the state, you need a roof with low heat retention. This is so it can withstand the extreme heat, save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in utility costs, and keep your property’s interior cool and comfortable. But which types of roofs in Arizona will work best? With so many roofing options out there, not all of them are ideal for hot climates. Thus, you need to be smart and do your due diligence in researching.

To help you, in this blog post we’ll go through the four best types of roofs in Arizona. This way you’ll be guided on which roof you should install on your property if you’re on a search in the market.

Types of Roofs in Arizona

Shingle Roofs

Shingle roof is one of the most common types of roof not just in Arizona but all over the US as well. This is because it is inexpensive, requires less maintenance, and can withstand almost any kind of weather condition, including extreme heat. Traditional roof shingles work well in keeping the interiors of the property cool while other types and styles, such as asphalt and metal, are also good at reflecting heat rather than absorbing it. So if you’re looking for a relatively affordable roofing option that can hold out against hot climates, then shingle roofs may be the way to go.

Tile Roofs

Tile roof is another roofing option that is ideal for Arizona because it can withstand extreme heat temperatures. The shape of the tiles allows the air to circulate below the surface, keeping roofs and interiors cooler. And since it provides great insulation, it is also energy-efficient as it helps lower your home’s energy costs. In addition, it is also highly durable, considerably affordable, and visually appealing as it has a timeless distinct appearance that is redolent of Arizona

Slate Roofs

This type of roof is another great option against Arizona’s hot climate as it is impervious to sun, heat, and even cold. The slate’s color, thickness, and texture all work together to block heat from passing through and keep the cool air inside the property. It will also require only less maintenance even if it is constantly being exposed to the sun’s heat. It is fire-resistant and extremely durable as it can last for up to 150 years so long as it is properly installed and maintained.

Foam Roofs

This type of roof is made up of polyurethane foam that is lightweight, durable, non-toxic, and weather resistant. It is one of the most preferred roofing systems in Arizona mainly because it can keep properties cool amidst the hot and sunny weather in the state. It also provides great insulation for properties which is why it can help lower energy costs. In addition, since it is installed from one single sheath only, it lacks seams making it less susceptible to leakage problems. And if you don’t like loud noises, this type of roof can also help in reducing noise factors and it can even fit into a variety of roof styles and designs.

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